Petit Wine Rating 100

After 200,000 Tastings, 80 Countries, and 20 Years: Discover Alexandre's Expert Ratings

Welcome to the rating system of Alexandre Petit.

As an experienced and passionate food & beverage professional, I have developed this system to share my personal wines, spirits, beer and food evaluations with wine enthusiasts all over the world. Each product that I review is tasted with great attention to detail, and the scores represent my personal taste, insights, and appreciation.

The aim of this rating system is not to provide an absolute or universal judgment, but rather to offer a subjective perspective based on my personal experience and understanding of food & beverage sector. My hope is that these ratings and descriptions will serve as a helpful guide for you in your own tasting journey, whether you’re a seasoned connoisseur or a novice just beginning to explore the world of wines, spirits, beer or food.

Remember, the best wine, spirit, beer or food product is not necessarily the one with the highest rating, but the one that gives you the most pleasure. So, use these ratings as a reference, but don’t let them dictate your choices. Wine is a matter of personal preference, and the joy of wine lies in exploring, discovering, and finding the wines that speak to you personally.

Discover below the scoring grid of my rating system:

50 and below: Deficient or Rejected

These products exhibit significant flaws in their respective categories and are generally unpleasant to taste. They might be off-balance, show signs of spoilage, or simply lack the basic qualities expected from wines, spirits, beers, and various types of food.

51-70: Mediocre

Beverages and foods that lack character and leave a lingering sense of dissatisfaction. They might be poorly crafted or made from sub-par ingredients. These items typically don’t offer any complexity or depth, whether in flavor, aroma, or texture.

71-80: Fair

These are satisfactory products that exhibit basic characteristics of their type. They may lack complexity or depth but are generally acceptable for casual consumption, whether it’s wines, spirits, beers, or various types of food.

81-85: Good

These products begin to differentiate themselves from the masses. They are well-crafted and of good quality, offering reasonable depth and complexity across wines, spirits, beers, and food. While they might not be the best representations of their kind, they are enjoyable and offer good value for their category.

86-89: Very Good

These products show a clear character, body, and taste, offering a level of elegance and balance across beverages and foods. They satisfy the palate of discerning consumers and, in the case of wines and certain spirits, can sometimes develop further complexity with 5-10 years of aging.

90-94: Excellent

These products represent excellence in their categories, showcasing exceptional power, refinement, and complexity. They offer a profound depth of flavor and quality, truly highlighting the pinnacle of craftsmanship and ingredient selection. These items exemplify the very best characteristics of their type, whether it be wines, spirits, beers, or food.

95-98: Outstanding

These products are outstanding, surpassing excellence with unparalleled quality and extraordinary complexity. They epitomize the zenith of craftsmanship and ingredient perfection, delivering flavors and experiences that are beyond exceptional. These items stand as the ultimate representation of their type, be it wines, spirits, beers, or food, setting the highest standard in their respective categories.

99: World Class

These products are deeply moving and unique, representing world-class quality in their individuality, fullness, and overall excellence. Whether it’s wines, spirits, beers, or food, they define the pinnacle of what is possible in their respective fields, showcasing extraordinary potential and unmatched excellence. These items are not just outstanding; they set a global benchmark for quality and experience.

100: Perfect

A score of 100 denotes an extraordinary product of immense complexity, power, subtlety, and originality, transcending the standards of its category. Whether it’s a wine, spirit, beer, or culinary creation, these are benchmarks of global excellence. They are not just consumables, but works of art that impress and inspire across generations. These items represent perfection in their field, embodying the ultimate in flavor, craftsmanship, and experience.