Petit Wine Rating 100

Already 200,000 wines tasted: your brand deserves the best ratings!

Petit Wine Rating 100

What do 20 years of wine expertise, 200,000 wines tasted, and a wealth of experience in wine buying and judging across Asia, Europe, and the USA have in common?

They’re all part of Alexandre Petit’s new wine ratings, the must-see destination for wine lovers everywhere.

With unparalleled knowledge and a refined palate, Alexandre is your guide to discovering new favorites, unlocking hidden gems, and enjoying the world of wine like never before!

Join him on this exciting journey and experience wine in a whole new way. 

Alexandre Petit is a renowned wine expert (150 000 wine tasted). From his early days in Champagne to his last project as the founder of the Grand Cru Wine Tasting experience in Paris, he has dedicated his life to exploring, appreciating, and sharing the finest wines in the world. With unparalleled expertise and a refined palate, discover why he is your perfect guide to discovering the world of wine like never before:


The Birth of a Wine Passion: Alexandre Petit's Journey from Mercier to Tasting Expert

All started during an internship for LVMH Champagne brand Mercier in Epernay: an encounter with 3 professional sommeliers transformed Alexandre Petit’s career in wine.

Alexandre Petit is 19 years old. 

Initially tasked with advising the 1000 daily visitors on which champagne to buy, his responsibilities quickly expanded to leading comparative tastings of 3 champagnes for VIP customers in a dedicated tasting room, an amazing opportunity that sparked Petit’s passion for professional wine tasting.

His days were 100% dedicated to tasting: either by learning from professional sommeliers during the day or from winemakers in the evenings and at weekends, or by experiencing tasting with customers every day and at the winemakers. Every day, he learns new details about the grape varieties, the soil, the impact of the age of the vines, the impact of the details of a bottle, a glass, the temperature of conservation, tasting, agriculture, the tanks used for vinification, the dosage liqueurs, etc.: he gathers thousands of pieces of information day after day which help him to improve his sense of tasting. 

From this pivotal moment, Petit embarked on a journey of tasting expertise, exploring local winemakers every evening after work and tasting several new wines a day.

2002 - 2005

The Best School for Tasting: Alexandre Petit's Experience Learning Directly from Winemakers

Following his studies, Alexandre Petit completed his knowledge in the field for 3 years, at more than 2000 wine producers in Europe. 


He travelled to hundreds of wine appellations and learned thousands of facts directly from winemakers: the best people to pass on their knowledge and passion.


According to Alexandre Petit, the best school for learning wine tasting is through experience and contact with the vines and the men and women who create wine. 


His thousands of hours spent in the vineyards and cellars will be a major asset for the rest of his career: it is the foundation of his knowledge and will help him judge wines with an enlightened eye and an open mind.

2005 - 2017

Asia Calling: Alexandre Petit's Next Step in Wine Adventure

Selected by the largest Taiwanese group listed on the stock exchange to create a wine quality label (which will be visible in more than 15,000 7-Eleven shops, supermarkets, etc.), his popularity grew very quickly on this new continent. 


In contact with hundreds of importers and distributors of all types (large restaurants, hotels, airlines, specialized shops, duty free, etc.): he brings his expertise in global wine knowledge (from production to tasting). 


His tasting experience grows daily through tastings at trade shows (China, Macau, Hong Kong, Taipei) and as a member and jury director of multiple wine competitions (Singapore, Japan, China, USA, UK…): he tastes an average of 30 to 60 wines a day, all year round.


Meetings with international consumers open his mind even more to the expectations of wine lovers in different countries: his tasting notes take into account international expectations.

2017 - 2023

Expanding His Palate: Alexandre Petit's Openness to Beer, Spirits, and Food Tasting

During these years, he is also confronted with the tasting of other alcoholic beverages (beer, spirits, liqueurs…) and food (tea, coffee, chocolate, etc). 

Whether for competitions or at the request of distributors, his expertise is increasingly sought after. 

What is appreciated in his approach is the search for pleasure above all for the end consumer. He has no preconceived ideas about products by origin and is totally independent in his judgements. He uses his experience to ensure an optimal taste for consumers who will select the products he rates positively.


The Latest from Alexandre Petit: Two New Wine Projects

To continue to share his passion, Alexandre Petit is launching 2 new projects in 2023.

The first project is ‘Grand Cru Wine Tasting’: a physical place to share his experience around the tasting of 5 international wines from its own selection. (opening: Nov 2023)

The experience will be reserved for 8 people, on reservation: they will be able to taste and receive an initiation to tasting with incredible wines, in professional conditions.

 (opening in Paris in 2023, then London, New York, Dubai, Singapore, Taipei, Hong Kong)

The second project is his personal rating of international best wines, beers and spirits with a score out of 100. (opening: May 2023)

Wine lovers around the world will have free access to his ratings: the aim is to share his daily tasting experiences with as many distributors and consumers as possible.

If you are a winemaker and you want to get your rating by Alexandre Petit in 2023, click here, it’s very simple.